Your State of the Union Dueling Pianos playlist

Yes, there’s ALOT of political news lately, but whether you’re left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, we can all agree on what makes a GREAT Dueling Pianos song (or can we…?)
So, here’s some great American songs to bring to your next piano bar outing!
First, a classic singalong for all the American Girls!

The 80’s were full of great Americana songs, so here’s a pair of them, which mix the sweet with the sour. But either way, they’re both solid rock n roll songs and good raise-the-roof hooks.

The country songbook is full of American pride, but for a dueling pianos bar, you have to have some Lee Greenwood.

And finally, coming out of the Super Bowl weekend, ,you have to acknowledge the greatest anthem performance of all time, and a song that literally gets the crowd on its feet…

Our NEW Dueling Pianos showroom!

Starting THIS Saturday night, Feb. 8 2020, Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos is moving to our NEWER, BIGGER showroom at 259 West 42nd St., NYC 10036 (inside Patrick’s of Times Square).
With an in-the-round Vegas-style show, MORE SEATS, BETTER SIGHTLINES, and even an Oyster Bar (!!!) this is the space you’ll want to visit for the Best Dueling Pianos show in town!

Your February Dueling Pianos playlist

February is for lovers, groundhogs, and dead Presidents. And we’re here for it! We’ve got some helpful ideas for your February Piano Bar visit…ready?

If you don’t want to relive Groundhog Day like Bill Murray, just play this repetitive track to break the monotony…and take a drink every time you say “ROXANNE!”

And speaking of Groundhog Day, as well as that ‘other’ February holiday…here’s a piano bar request for all the couples out there.

Of course, dueling pianos shows are not the best place for those Valentine’s Day ballads, but who doesn’t love a good Elton John tear jerker?

When thinking about Presidents’ weekend, especially those Washingtons’ and Lincolns’, we reflect on the words of the poet laureate, Notorious BIG…Mo Money, Mo Problems…

But of course, there’s always the Presidents of the USA…and a song about PEACHES…or is it?

And our last Dueling Pianos song tip, in honor of our brand new showroom at Patrick’s of Times Square…this lil ditty…FORTY SECOND STREET!

Dueling Pianos Rock n Roll Hall of Fame playlist

It’s a new week, and so, a new Dueling Pianos cheatsheet!
The new class of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees was just announced, and, say what you will about it, they represent some fun choices for your next outing to the piano bar.

The diva, Whitney Houston, finally got in after 10 years of eligibility, and of course, it ain’t a dance party without this song…

And for classic rock, the Doobie Bros. are getting in, just in time for their 50th anniversary. Can’t ignore those harmonies in BLACK WATER

Representing the keyboards in this year’s class, Nine Inch Nails, and the definitely-not-family-friendly but popular request CLOSER

And holdin’ down the NYC grooves, and the Dueling Pianos favorite – Notorious BIG!

And, since we just had this band requested at our Saturday Night NYC Dueling Pianos show for the first time in a year…we’re finishing off with some Brit dance pop from Depeche Mode!

Dueling Pianos Video of the Week – Tom Sawyer!

How do Dueling Pianos players cope with the loss of the greatest drummer of all time, Neil Peart of Rush? By rocking out to some RUSH at our SOLD OUT Saturday night NYC Dueling Pianos show, with 200 people air-drumming along to TOM SAWYER! #WhatARush