What Is Dueling Pianos?

Dueling Pianos is a concert, comedy show and cabaret all rolled into one!

Dueling Pianos is an all-request, rock-and-roll party where YOU pick the playlist!  Two top piano entertainers, mixing music, comedy and audience interaction in a singalong, laugh-along, dance-along show!  It’s everything from Billy Joel to Bon Jovi, Britney Spears to Bruno Mars!

Nothing is off-limits from pop, rock, country, hip-hop, hairbands, disco, punk rock, standards, showtunes – if you can hum it, we can do it!

What is Shake Rattle and Roll?

Shake Rattle and Roll Dueling Pianos is NYC’s premier Dueling Pianos show!

Our marquee Dueling Pianos NYC show happens every Saturday night in Times Square, New York City.

Check our schedule page for tickets to that or any of our other shows in locations throughout the east coast!  You can also see our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

Check our our YouTube videos, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a taste of what Shake Rattle & Roll can do!

Whether 2,000 guests or just 2 – We have the right party for YOU!

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About Mark Weiser

Mark Weiser singing into the microphone at a Dueling Pianos NYC show.

Mark Weiser singing into the microphone at a Dueling Pianos NYC show.

Fresh from Fox’s Don’t Forget The Lyrics, where he remains the all-time champion, Mark Weiser brings the party to every performance! Now with more than thirty years as an entertainer, your event is in great hands. In fact, Mark has been playing dueling piano shows for sold-out venues right in the heart of NYC since ’07.

Currently, Mark Weiser runs weekly dueling pianos shows at The Cutting Room NYC, and more than FIFTY other regional and national venues annually. And for four years, Mark performed as the highest-grossing piano entertainer on Carnival Cruise Lines.

With a song list that runs to the thousands, and an artist selection of thousands of performers, just try and stump him! From all eras, whether rock, pop, country, hip-hop, hairbands, Motown, showtunes or standards, everyone’s favorite tunes are at Mark’s fingertips.