Dueling Pianos Video of the Week – Boozy Brunch!

Our SOLD OUT NYC Dueling Pianos Boozy Brunch is the best way to end 2019 – with 150+ people singing along to COUNTRY ROADS! For the BEST Live Music Brunch in NYC, check out Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos – www.ShakeRattleRollPianos.com

Your Dueling Pianos End-of-Year Playlist!

Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos is here to help stuff your holiday stocking with the best requests to get you through the week!

It’s the end of the year as we know it, so let’s start with some REM!

We’re gearing up to enter the new Roaring 20’s, so here’s the original ‘call-and-response’ song that also became the first million-selling “jazz” record – MINNIE THE MOOCHER!

The holiday hit that FINALLY reached #1 this year – the song you cannot escape at the dueling piano bar…even when you try…

In NYC, it’s not a holiday season without The Pogues’ FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK!

New Year’s Eve is nothing without a great COUNTDOWN…and our lists are nothing without at least ONE hairband…so…

And, once New Year’s Day comes, there’s only one song to usher in the festivities…

Your Black Friday Dueling Pianos playlist!

Everyone is being bombarded with savings, offers, discounts and email blasts. It’s enough to make the most stalwart shopper ready to retreat to the pub for a drink & a duel!
Not to worry – Shake Rattle & Roll has your holiday playlist to get you through the weekend!
First, let’s get the heart rate back (in black!). AC/DC to the rescue!

Anyone who knows our NYC Dueling Pianos show, knows our night is never complete without some Rolling Stones – so let’s Paint It BLACK!

And you can’t forget the 90’s! One of the most popular Dueling Pianos requests from that decade is this hit – courtesy of Blackstreet…NO DIGGITY!

And, as a musical sorbet, the song that brings (rebecca) Black and FRIDAY together…forgot about this one-hit wonder? You’re welcome.

Got those shopping blues? Have no fear – we’ve got THE CURE.

And you can’t have a Blacklist without the grand-daddies of hard rock…Black Sabbath. This will get you through those mall lines, early openings, holiday sales, and awkward check-out arguments…