A pianist sings while a young woman and two men do a lively dance alongside the piano.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos

Why is it called dueling pianos?

Originally, during the golden age of Jazz, in New Orleans, two performers would ‘battle’ onstage for the approval of the crowd. Without the pistols and ten paces. Since then, the show has become more modern, and the only ‘dueling’ nowadays is amongst the audience to pick what songs will be played each night – its never the same twice! But if you request Miley Cyrus, we may bring the pistols back…

How does a dueling pianos show work?

Its an all request show, where the audience writes down their favorite songs, wraps it with some love and brings them to the performers, who play them all in a non-stop show that mixes music, comedy and interaction! There’s no script, no set-list and no road map…so hang on!

How long does dueling pianos last?

Typically, 3 hours nonstop, but shows have run from 1-6 hours for different special occasions!

Do I have to sing at a dueling pianos show?

You never have to do anything, but you’ll find it hard not to sing along to the soundtrack of your favorite songs! I mean…you can try not singing…but we wouldn’t advise it.

Can I have my own table?

Absolutely! Every group gets their own table.

Do you offer shows in other formats?

We do solo shows, dueling pianos shows, as well as full bands, DJs and more! Just ask!

Do you have a list of songs that I have to pick from?

Our list is as vast as your imagination – thousands of songs from every genre – just ask! It doesn’t have to have piano in it to be a dueling pianos song!

What kind of songs are best?

The best singalong songs are the uptempo party songs you sing in the shower, scream in the car, or turn the volume up on the radio. If you love it, we love it.

Do you know (my favorite song)?

Yes! But since we’re not psychic without more cocktails, you’re still gonna have to write it down for us and bring it to the piano.

Does dueling pianos include crowd games?

Absolutely! Singalongs, toasts, roasts, dance-offs, and more!!!

Is dueling pianos call-and-response?

Sometimes…and sometimes its not. Dueling pianos is never just one thing. It changes all the time!

Are there free shows?

Some of our events are free – just check our calendar and see what’s near you!

Is it spelled “dueling” or “duelling” pianos?

“Dueling.” Thanks for asking! We appreciate good spelling. And grammar. And hygiene.

Do you come to (my town)?

We’d love to! In an average year, we play hundreds of shows annually, in more than 25 states and Canada. If you dont see your town/state on our calendar, just ask!

I want to hire dueling pianos. What can I do?

Our favorite question!!! Just send a message and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Is dueling pianos r-rated?

It can be. Our bar shows are typically adult-oriented. But we also do family-friendly shows, and everything in-between. If its a private occasion, the show can be tailored to suit your taste.

Is dueling pianos appropriate for corporate events?

Absolutely! We play hundreds of corporate events every year! Want to bring the best in interactive entertainment to your corporate event? Just send us a note!

Is dueling pianos appropriate for bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, or other family parties?

Definitely! Dueling pianos is meant to entertain audiences of all ages, and the show is 100% customized to your requests.

Is dueling pianos like that scene in Roger Rabbit with Donald and Daffy Duck?

Exactly like that. Without the drooling. Or the feathers. Or that potty mouthed duck.