It seems this quarantine week is flush with holiday celebrations, which is good when any distraction is welcome. Finally Cinco De Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday, and we can’t even go out to celebrate. The universe has no justice.
BUT, Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos is here to help – with your piano bar playlist for the week!

Because piano bars are nothing without a little kitsch, we have to honor the great Bill Murray and his piano bar entry for Star Wars…
Now, moving on…

Ok, we’re not done with kitsch yet. Everyone loves the 90’s. Everyone loves Ricky Martin. Let’s live La Vida Loca!

Any Dueling Pianos playlist has to bring some hip hop. And any NYC Dueling Pianos show has to show some Beastie Boys luv. It’s time to get INTERGALACTIC!

And if we’re exploring space, we need to bring those 80’s rockers, Europe, for everyone’s hairband anthem – THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

And here’s a little current flavor for your piano bar visit – the talented Camila Cabello, and HAVANA.
Give that one a twirl at your next Dueling Pianos night!

And if we’re going into space, we gotta make it funky!
Enter Earth, Wind & Fire for a little FANTASY!