Dueling Pianos request list -May 2020!

It’s time for the next installment of songs to keep you singing at the Dueling Pianos show. Just because we’re singing along from home shouldn’t keep us from raising the game a little, right?
So, here’s a handy list of ideas for the month of May.

No list for this time of year would be complete without the meme-able classic by NSync.

Now that we got that out of the way, this classic rock artist has seen an uptick of requests at our Dueling Pianos shows lately, and this song never gets old…

Of course, a healthy dose of kitsch never goes away, even online. And if you’re new to the Dueling Pianos world…well, hey, we just met you, but…

Take a Beatle, add some piano, and you get an awesome song for your next piano bar trip.

You didn’t think we’d end a monthly list of Dueling Pianos song choices without at least one selection from the man himself, right?
Take it away, Billy…

Livestream Dueling Pianos Shows!

If you are trying to think of ways to entertain your staff, clients, family, friends, potential customers, or members, the options may seem slim at the moment.

But Shake Rattle & Roll is here, with an online option for you!

We can livestream our solo & Dueling Pianos shows, onto any platform, or even a private Zoom room, and interact with your guests for a private singalong show!

Maybe a fun game show, like PIANO BINGO, NAME THAT TUNE, DONT FORGET THE LYRICS, or a music trivia game like our brand new MUSICAL CHAIRS…

In just the past month, we’ve organized private events for country clubs, sales meetings, client mixers, birthday parties, neighborhood socials and more.

Contact us with your event ideas, and let’s get the party started!

It’s #OnlyIntermission!

Right now, as all the theater fans know all too well, our beloved Times Square is entering week SIX of shut-downs. This usually bustling neighborhood has fallen eerily quiet lately.

Our normally sold-out DUELING PIANOS show has moved online.

But as we say in the theater, it’s only intermission. Between the acts there’s always a short break.

Then comes the second act. And the show roars back to life.

So it is for us at Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos. Our online shows are reaching THOUSANDS of people every week, from across the country and around the world.

We’ve developed new products, like PIANO BINGO, that we are looking to continue into the future.

In every cloud, a silver lining. In every story, a second act. And the best shows know the value of a good reprise!

Your Quarantine Dueling Pianos playlist

So, you’re stuck at home. So, you can’t visit your FAVORITE Dueling Pianos show.
That doesn’t mean you can’t get your fill of great, and timely, tunes for these indoor days.
And so, Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos presents…our Quarantunes…

When looking for guidelines, it’s always best to listen to the Police…

And while you’re practicing your social distancing, better move the furniture away. You’ll need room for this Billy Idol 80’s classic…

But it’s not all partying and moshing. We can be sensitive, and introspective. Good thing we’ve got PLENTY of AM gold at the piano bar…

Dueling Pianos shows are guaranteed to have social distancing – after all, there’s 9 feet of pianos between us!
And this playlist needs some 80’s awesomeness, so cinch up those pants, and belt some high notes with us…

And of course, the song that has emerged as the parody theme of Covid 19…

What are YOUR best quarantine tracks? Let us know!

Piano Shows – This Week:

We’re in MONTH TWO of Quarantunes!  
How YOU doin’?

Here’s our line-up for the week!  
Wednesday – PIANO BINGO (Mega-Blackout!)
7pm EDT$100 cash for the winning card(s)
in a knock-down, drag-out, BINGO brawl
with all your favorite songs as the soundtrack!!!
Friday – NAME THAT TUNE (One-Hit-Wonders Edition!)
7pm EDTA ticketed game (with a private link!)
And $50 in CASH & prizes to the winner! 
8pm EDTThe classic edition!
And now, ticket holders can join us ONSCREEN
The way Dueling Pianos is meant to be –
where the audience is the STAR OF THE SHOW! 
One big quaranparty for just $5.00.

Dueling Pianos – Video of the Week LIVESTREAM!

What happens when the longest running Dueling Pianos show
in NYC history moves to the internet?
A live-streamed show with more than 4,000 watching from home,
all over the world and around the USA!
Join us every Saturday 8pm EDT during the quarantine –
bit.ly/SRRstream for tix!

Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos – LIVE, IN YOUR HOUSE!

Everyone is stuck at home for the time being.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have ourselves a PARTY.  
Our first livestream show had over 4,000 viewers!
So we’re broadcasting our Dueling Pianos show LIVE again, this Saturday night!
3/28 8-11pm EDT

All the same music, comedy, requests, interaction and FUN that have made SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL PIANOS the longest running Dueling Pianos show in NYC history!
PLUS – games and contests you can play along with at HOME –
WITH REAL PRIZES for the smartest/fastest/spunkiest contestants.

This week, we are featuring a Quarantine couture package from Merchimize.com


TICKETS start at just $5 – bit.ly/SRRstream(this helps underwrite the costs of putting the show on, and feeding our unemployed performers!)
So grab some couch, some cocktails, and some comrades – and get ready for the next generation of SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL DUELING PIANOS!

Dueling Pianos Video of the Week – Coronavirus edition

Even as the apocalypse is nigh, we’re taking a brief vacation from our NYC Dueling Pianos institution. But before we go, here’s some Proud Mary from both Sunday Boozy Brunch AND our Saturday Night Times Square Dueling Pianos shows!