At Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos of NYC, special requests are nothing new. So recently, when we featured a Dueling Pianos show with all-female requests, it put us to the test! Yes, most of rock and pop music is sung by, written by, and aimed at the male of the species, but there’s ALOT of great ladies piano bar songs!

So, for your next piano bar trip, if you want to find some estrogen-tatsic tunes, here’s your piano bar primer:

Nothing speaks to the female empowerment of a singalong show like I WILL SURVIVE, the ultimate song for the feisty female! Stand back fellas, the ladies are here!

And speaking of feisty, the millennials can’t get enough of Alanis Morissette – or her anthem YOU OUGHTA KNOW!

The undisputed queen of rock is NYC’s own Pat Benatar. What? You don’t think HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT can ROCK a piano bar? Check THIS out…

Wanna see a dance floor fill up? Just lay down some Tina Turner and the dance moves FLY! Everyone’s got a secret windmill-factory and they’re dying to show it off!

Want something more current? If it’s a Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos show, then we got all the top 40 covered! Even the most recent hot tracks, like LIZZO!

Would any list be complete without some Whitney Houston? Whether it’s an intimate piano bar, a casino, or a crowded dance floor, with the right song, it’s always a party!

And don’t forget the ladies of Country Music. From Dolly to Dixie, and from Connie to Carrie, no song tells a story like a great Country Music song can!

And before we go, let’s take it back…for an Aretha Franklin classic – everyone knows how to sing it…and how to spell it – RESPECT!

All the great ladies piano bar songs – now go have a great night out!