Yes, there’s ALOT of political news lately, but whether you’re left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, we can all agree on what makes a GREAT Dueling Pianos song (or can we…?)
So, here’s some great American songs to bring to your next piano bar outing!
First, a classic singalong for all the American Girls!

The 80’s were full of great Americana songs, so here’s a pair of them, which mix the sweet with the sour. But either way, they’re both solid rock n roll songs and good raise-the-roof hooks.

The country songbook is full of American pride, but for a dueling pianos bar, you have to have some Lee Greenwood.

And finally, coming out of the Super Bowl weekend, ,you have to acknowledge the greatest anthem performance of all time, and a song that literally gets the crowd on its feet…