It’s time to SPOOK, Rattle & Roll, and we’ve got you covered! Heading to your favorite NYC Dueling Pianos show this week? (We have shows in NYC on Thursday, Saturday and our next Dueling Pianos BOOZY BRUNCH on Sunday…)
Here are your Cliff Notes to all your Halloween must-play songs!

First, the classic. Everyone has to do the MONSTER MASH at least once!

And while we’re in a dancing mood, let’s do the TIME WARP again!

Nothing lights up the Dueling Pianos dance floor like a good MJ tribute! It’s THRILLER night…

Ok, enough dancing. It’s Halloween after all. The season of scares, so let’s dip back into our 80’s, one-hit-wonder back of tricks…but we’ll hang onto Michael Jackson for one more song. SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME.

And here’s a personal favorite. Because no one ever expects Oingo Boingo. It’s a DEAD MAN’S PARTY!

And last but not least, speaking of Oingo Boingo – their ginger front man is the one and only Danny Elfman, known for his spooky film scores including the Halloween classic THIS IS HALLOWEEN from Nightmare Before Christmas…