Everyone is being bombarded with savings, offers, discounts and email blasts. It’s enough to make the most stalwart shopper ready to retreat to the pub for a drink & a duel!
Not to worry – Shake Rattle & Roll has your holiday playlist to get you through the weekend!
First, let’s get the heart rate back (in black!). AC/DC to the rescue!

Anyone who knows our NYC Dueling Pianos show, knows our night is never complete without some Rolling Stones – so let’s Paint It BLACK!

And you can’t forget the 90’s! One of the most popular Dueling Pianos requests from that decade is this hit – courtesy of Blackstreet…NO DIGGITY!

And, as a musical sorbet, the song that brings (rebecca) Black and FRIDAY together…forgot about this one-hit wonder? You’re welcome.

Got those shopping blues? Have no fear – we’ve got THE CURE.

And you can’t have a Blacklist without the grand-daddies of hard rock…Black Sabbath. This will get you through those mall lines, early openings, holiday sales, and awkward check-out arguments…