For all the moms, and those who love them, tomorrow is the big day.
But TONIGHT is our Saturday 8pm Dueling Pianos show, and as always, Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos is here with your must-hear playlist for this week’s piano bar visit!

For the headbanger in your house – Danzig’s MOTHER. When just flowers and candy simply will not do.

Something more old-school? Nothing beats some classic girl-group singalongs, like MAMA SAID by The Shirelles!

And for those who need a little reminder of who’s boss in the house….enter LL COOL J – this’ll sound good on piano, right?

Every list needs a little ‘cheek’, and this gives you both. STACY’S MOM…A Dueling Pianos MUST. For any occasion.

And for the family that ‘plays’ together. Who can’t do with more QUEEN?
We’ll see ya later, at the Dueling Pianos show!