Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos welcomes the Blockchain Weekend to NYC!

On November 9th, 2019, the longest running Dueling Pianos show in NYC will play host to guests from across the tech sector, as one of the most fun events during the Blockchain Weekend in NYC.

After days of panels, seminars and other programming, the participants will converge on Times Square’s hottest interactive spot – Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos, for a night of music, comedy, dancing and drinking!

Tickets are available at this link: CLICK HERE!

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Your ROCKtober Dueling Pianos playlist!

Leaves are fallin’ all around, so it’s time to ramble on to our Autumn playlist – and we’re featuring the best classic rock tunes for your next Dueling Pianos visit!
Let’s walk through the decades, shall we?
For the birth of rock n’ roll, we start with The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis. But not the already-popular GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. Here’s another choice: SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL! (of course, we’re partial since it’s our theme song…)

For the 60’s, it’s the song that gave birth to the expression “heavy metal” – Steppenwolf’s BORN TO BE WILD!

On to the 70’s, and one of our favorite Dueling Pianos singalongs – HOOKED ON A FEELING. For those who missed the 70’s (literally or chemically) you can thank Guardians of the Galaxy for the renaissance of this one…

The 80’s are a mother lode of Dueling Pianos song choices, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t nod to the gods of the hair band…Whitesnake. We play this song a lot at the piano bar, so HERE I GO AGAIN.

What would classic rock be without the one-hit wonders? And what would 90’s rock be without Third Eye Blind and SEMI-CHARMED LIFE…

In the new millennium, rock is a little less classic, but a great riff translates to any instrument. Just try requesting the White Stripes SEVEN NATION ARMY on your next Dueling Pianos visit…