Dueling Pianos Livestream

Hair Band Night for one Dueling Pianos Livestream!

If you’ve made it to 2021, and looking to liven up your entertainment options – try a Dueling Pianos Livestream for your next event!

It’s fully interactive, with an all-request structure that allows your guests to request their favorite songs in real-time. And, they can participate actively in the show, rather than just spectate. If you want, your guests can even be onscreen WITH our performers, making them the stars of the show!
Everyone at the show can chat with our performers, and with each other, just as if we all shared the same physical show-space. And there’s MORE.
Not just music, but comedy, games, roasts, toasts, contests…all 100% customizable for your needs.
Dueling Pianos fits corporate functions, client promotions, family celebrations, social occasions, and events of all sizes. From 2 to 2000, our performers make every guest, every client and event party unique.
Our song base is virtually UNLIMITED, with tunes spanning rock, pop, country, R&B, Motown, hairbands, boy bands, disco, dance music, and anything else you can think of.

Alongside traditional Dueling Pianos livestream shows, we offer many other events. Perhaps our proprietary Piano Bingo games, fusing the interactive nature of our piano bar shows, and the competitive fun of BINGO, is a fun change of pace from the usual icebreaker games.
Or perhaps you’ll like our Name That Tune game show. It’s a game show which mixes name-that-tune with lyric quizzes, trivia questions, and live performers for the ULTIMATE music challenge!
In addition to running MORE livestream shows than any other piano entertainment companies, we also maintain a robust schedule of weekly public shows. Check our calendar here!
Watch a sample of our virtual Dueling Pianos show here!

Top 10 Songs of 2010s

Who says that Dueling Pianos is just for classic rock?! If you want to keep things contemporary, here’s the top 10 songs of 2010s that will keep your piano bar party pumpin’!

What is arguably the biggest dance-floor hit of the past decade, and a MUST-have for your next Dueling Pianos show – is the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars smash – UPTOWN FUNK!

Singalong pop? Absolutely! The 2010s were full of great hooks, and none catchier than CALL ME MAYBE!

Controversy? The decade had its share, and the Dueling Pianos show is no stranger to a little naughty content after dark. And if there’s a great beat, even better. Enter, BLURRED LINES.

But if it’s a slow jam you’re looking for, or a twirl around the dance floor with that someone special, or just to relive your prom night dedications all over again, then call Ed Sheeran, because his song is PERFECT.

Another of the top 10 songs of 2010s is Meghan Trainor’s catchy hit – and let’s face it ladies, who isn’t ALL ABOUT THAT BASS?

Our NYC Dueling Pianos show is fun for all ages, because no matter how old you are, when you’re here, WE ARE YOUNG.

Sometimes, you want that one special song that you can enjoy on the dance floor, with just that one special person. John Legend’s got you covered, and so do we – there’s no better slow dance from the past decade than ALL OF ME.

What visit to the top 10 songs of 2010s would be complete without at least SOME representation from Tay-Tay? So, we give you her biggest hit of the decade, and an excellent selection for a group-singalong – SHAKE IT OFF!

No one loves the one-hit wonders more than the piano bars do, and this past decade had plenty to offer, including Iggy Azalea’s FANCY!

And finally, when you combine a great pop singer, a great pop song, and some epic pop culture references from an animated movie, you get a recipe for Dueling Pianos awesomeness! CANT STOP THE FEELING has it all.

Now that you have your list – come see a show! http://www.ShakeRattleRollPianos.com

PS – all of these videos can be found on our YouTube page!

Top 10 Ladies Piano Bar Songs!

At Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos of NYC, special requests are nothing new. So recently, when we featured a Dueling Pianos show with all-female requests, it put us to the test! Yes, most of rock and pop music is sung by, written by, and aimed at the male of the species, but there’s ALOT of great ladies piano bar songs!

So, for your next piano bar trip, if you want to find some estrogen-tatsic tunes, here’s your piano bar primer:

Nothing speaks to the female empowerment of a singalong show like I WILL SURVIVE, the ultimate song for the feisty female! Stand back fellas, the ladies are here!

And speaking of feisty, the millennials can’t get enough of Alanis Morissette – or her anthem YOU OUGHTA KNOW!

The undisputed queen of rock is NYC’s own Pat Benatar. What? You don’t think HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT can ROCK a piano bar? Check THIS out…

Wanna see a dance floor fill up? Just lay down some Tina Turner and the dance moves FLY! Everyone’s got a secret windmill-factory and they’re dying to show it off!

Want something more current? If it’s a Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos show, then we got all the top 40 covered! Even the most recent hot tracks, like LIZZO!

Would any list be complete without some Whitney Houston? Whether it’s an intimate piano bar, a casino, or a crowded dance floor, with the right song, it’s always a party!

And don’t forget the ladies of Country Music. From Dolly to Dixie, and from Connie to Carrie, no song tells a story like a great Country Music song can!

And before we go, let’s take it back…for an Aretha Franklin classic – everyone knows how to sing it…and how to spell it – RESPECT!

All the great ladies piano bar songs – now go have a great night out!