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The top 10 Dueling Pianos song

What are the TOP 10 Dueling Pianos songs?
Dueling Pianos shows like Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos in NYC pride themselves on knowing THOUSANDS of songs, on command. But there are definitely a prime list of the MOST popular songs that everyone loves to hear, and sing along to.


#10 – Singalongs are the heart of a great Dueling Pianos show, but sometimes you gotta put the PIANO in Dueling Pianos, and to start things cookin’, you need GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

#9 – Country music isn’t just for guitars & fiddles anymore! A perfect country chorus can get an entire bar singing along. Especially if that song is FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES by Garth Brooks!

#8 – Sha la la la la la la…The beginning of a GREAT Dueling Pianos night! And the reason why BROWN EYED GIRL is a classic addition to the Top 10 Dueling Pianos song requests!

#7 – Dueling Pianos covers EVERY genre, from show tunes to speed metal. And we certainly wouldn’t neglect a popular hip-hop song about the posterior. Because we like it. And we cannot lie. BABY GOT BACK.

#6 – You can’t have the top 10 Dueling Pianos songs without featuring some of the Dueling Piano Men – namely Elton John. His BENNIE & THE JETS is the ultimate call and response song (Benny – BENNY!, Benny – BENNY!).


#5 – Hairbands. 80s. On pianos. A match made in Dueling Pianos heaven since the beginning of time, or at least the 80s. LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER by Bon Jovi, because a great singalong needs a great OHHHHHHHHHH section.

#4 – Nothing makes an EPIC night like an EPIC song. Enter – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – the epic-est song of all! Appearances in Wayne’s World and the recent Queen bio-pic haven’t hurt any. Mamaaaaaaaa!

#3 – SWEET CAROLINE. Just saying the name, for a New Yorker, gives you hives. For the uninitiated, not only is this a classic Neil Diamond singalong, but it’s also the Boston Red Sox 7th inning anthem. So, the NYC crowds love this song for other reasons than perhaps the rest of the country (namely stopping it for New York New York…), but it’s still popular enough to nab the bronze medal spot on our Dueling Pianos list!

PIANO MAN – (Billy Joel) – the #2 all-time request, performed by Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling

#2 – You knew this one was coming, but not at the top spot! Billy Joel’s eponymous piano bar theme song – PIANO MAN. Sing us a song, wontcha!?

DONT STOP BELIEVIN -(Journey) the Dueling Pianos TOP all-time request, performed by Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos in Times Sq. NYC

#1 – The all-time heavyweight champ of the piano bar circuit is DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ by Journey. This anthem has been boosted by appearances on cultural touchstones like Glee, The Sopranos and Rock of Ages. And let’s be honest, because who doesn’t like a rousing chorus like this one!
That completes our visit to the Top 10 Dueling Pianos requests! Now get out there and sing along!
You can visit us in NYC at and see a show THIS WEEKEND!

Dueling Pianos Mashups

One of the hallmarks of the Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos shows is our ability to mix up songs, even when they’re worlds apart.

Like show tunes and boy bands. Les Miserables and Backstreet Boys may not seem like they have anything in common.

We beg to differ.

Piano Bar – NYC Outdoors!

The Piano Bar survives, even deep in the heart of the NYC quarantine!
Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos has returned to live shows on Long Island, and upstate NY, and now, we’ve come back to the streets of Manhattan!

Look for us throughout the summer and fall at our favorite Little Italy dining spot – Puglia on Hester St. – with our signature brand of interactive singalongs, requests, toasts and streetside serenades!

With a great launch tonight, we expect to have many more hot summer nights downtown with our outdoor Piano Bar shows!

Piano Bar NYC outdoors – at Puglia NYC in Little Italy

Dueling Pianos – Video of the Week – PIANO MEN!

We haven’t had a chance to post new videos in a while (THANKS, QUARANTINE!) but here’s one from this past week’s DUELING PIANOS online show – the finale of the 4.5 hr show, with Mark & Sean playing the fan-favorite PIANO MAN, with a country twang as Sean breaks out a little fiddle for the occasion…

Enjoy the clip, along with the new studio lights and cameras, on this “Lucky” Episode XXI clip…

Video credit: KATHY GAALASS (Thanks Kathy!)

Summer Entertainment

If you’re still looking for summer entertainment for parties, mixers, corporate events, community nights or your favorite venue, then look no further than the industry leader for live AND virtual entertainment – SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL PIANOS.
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Our public shows draw THOUSANDS of viewers every week, with an audience that spans the globe and covers the country. The music is as diverse as our fans, including rock, pop, country, hip-hop and even the occasional show tune!
We have also returned to live event programming, where possible, socially distant, customer-conscious and safe. Weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette nights, reunions, block parties, bbq’s and bar shows are all back on our calendar.
Own a venue? We are doing outdoor shows, drive-in shows, town concerts, vineyard shows, picnic shows, and many more concept events to bring customers back in the era of coronavirus.
Firehouses, municipalities, police, medical facilities, houses of worship and country/golf/yacht clubs have all reached out for possible entertainment ideas for this summer.
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Great Lakes summer entertainment!
Dueling Pianos bar show on Long Island Summer entertainment 2020

Dueling Pianos Summer 2020 Playlist

Summer 2020 will be one for the books, no matter what else happens. Here at Shake Rattle & Roll Pianos, we want to make sure that at least your soundtrack is on point.
We still have our online Dueling Pianos shows every weekend, and here are some great summertime requests to get you in the groove:

Yes, its a show tune, but there’s parts for guys, parts for girls, parts for everyone…sing along with SUMMER NIGHTS from Grease!!!

You can’t be an NYC Dueling Pianos company without having a few NYC summer classics on hand:

And where would we be without some great 80’s rockers – like the SUMMER OF 69 by Bryan Adams…

Every good dueling pianos show needs singalongs. Ladies, if you please…

Maybe you like your girl group singalongs a little classier. Bring on the HEAT WAVE…

And what would our show be without a little one-hit wonder? Come STEAL MY SUNSHINE…


Who is the BEST NYC Piano Bar? According to our friends at SECRETNYC.CO, and their recently published article “SING YOUR HEART OUT AT THIS VIRTUAL NYC PIANO BAR” – they brought the love to our Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos show, currently performing online every Saturday night at 8pm EDT.

You can join in the fun by purchasing your ticket, RIGHT HERE.

It’s the same singalong, laugh-along, drink-along, party-along show that’s been running SOLD OUT in NYC for 10 years, now online and around the world!

It’s never the same twice, and this ONLINE version of the show has been bringing together audiences from across the country and around the world – NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, London, Toronto, Sydney, Los Angeles and more! And there’s ALWAYS room for more people when we’re online!

It’s a mix of songs that have included Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Britney Spears, Les Mis, AC/DC, Jay Z, and THOUSANDS of other artists & songs!

PLUS, there are interactive games and contests (including our long-running SECRET 80’s SONG contest, where we award SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL PIANOS prize packages every week!)

NYC Piano Bar - Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos