Dueling Pianos Video of the Week – Coronavirus edition

Even as the apocalypse is nigh, we’re taking a brief vacation from our NYC Dueling Pianos institution. But before we go, here’s some Proud Mary from both Sunday Boozy Brunch AND our Saturday Night Times Square Dueling Pianos shows!

Your Dueling Pianos guide for St. Patrick’s weekend

We’re gearing up for the party weekend of the season – where everyone gets a little Irish in ’em!
Here’s your must-have piano bar tunes to bring out the Green!
First, a Boston fave – The Dropkick Murphy’s SHIPPIN UP TO BOSTON!

Ohh, you’re more traditional? Think the tried and true songs don’t fit at a rockin’ Dueling Pianos bar? Don’t let Johnny Cash hear ya…

A great song sounds great, no matter who’s interpreting or re-arranging it.
From Thin Lizzy to Nathaniel Ratliffe to Metallica, there’s no taking the rock out of WHISKEY IN THE JAR.

What’s a Dueling Pianos show without some good clap-along songs? There’s none better than the Wild Rover.

And, let’s forget the Irish lasses, without whom, there’d be no Irish lads.
Another classic Irish song with many versions out there, so here’s Galway Girl, with a country twist!

Your Leap Year Dueling Pianos playlist!

For a day that only comes once every 4 years, we’re breaking out our best dueling pianos songs to celebrate your Leap Year!

First, a little Van Halen to kick things off…

And anyone who knows our NYC Dueling Pianos show, knows our love for boy bands…

There are SO MANY dances one could do on a leap year day. Here’s a sampler…

And of course, some 90’s flavored jumpin’ around…because, who doesn’t want some hip-hop at the piano bar?

Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos is putting the “PATRICK’S” in St. Patrick’s!

Our last Dueling Pianos Boozy Brunch was sold out. So were the two before that one. Our next one will be St. Patrick’s weekend, and we’re already 50% sold out.
Start with bottomless mimosas & bloody mary’s and the BEST NYC-themed brunch menu around, and add the longest-running Dueling Pianos show in NYC history, and you get the ultimate live music brunch in Times Square or ANYWHERE!
Join us at Patrick’s – 259 W. 42nd St. on 3/15!
tickets are now on sale >>> www.ShakeRattleRollPianos.com

Your State of the Union Dueling Pianos playlist

Yes, there’s ALOT of political news lately, but whether you’re left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, we can all agree on what makes a GREAT Dueling Pianos song (or can we…?)
So, here’s some great American songs to bring to your next piano bar outing!
First, a classic singalong for all the American Girls!

The 80’s were full of great Americana songs, so here’s a pair of them, which mix the sweet with the sour. But either way, they’re both solid rock n roll songs and good raise-the-roof hooks.

The country songbook is full of American pride, but for a dueling pianos bar, you have to have some Lee Greenwood.

And finally, coming out of the Super Bowl weekend, ,you have to acknowledge the greatest anthem performance of all time, and a song that literally gets the crowd on its feet…

Our NEW Dueling Pianos showroom!

Starting THIS Saturday night, Feb. 8 2020, Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos is moving to our NEWER, BIGGER showroom at 259 West 42nd St., NYC 10036 (inside Patrick’s of Times Square).
With an in-the-round Vegas-style show, MORE SEATS, BETTER SIGHTLINES, and even an Oyster Bar (!!!) this is the space you’ll want to visit for the Best Dueling Pianos show in town!