Piano Bingo – Tuesday Edition!!!

Tuesday June 9, we’re holding a special Tuesday Edition of PIANO BINGO!
And this time, we’re giving away a FREE card courtesy of one of our secret donors!

Everyone who buys a Piano Bingo Card for the June 9 game will be entered into a drawing, and one lucky player will receive an extra FREE card!
As always, there will be a $100 prize to the winner of our Black-Out Bingo game (every square including the Free Space) AND, as always, the show is driven on your song requests (every song checks a box, every game has a winner!), making this the ONLY bingo game where you get to CHEAT, and call your own numbers, so to speak!

Cards are available at http://www.ShakeRattleRollPianos.com and you can tune in to see the game at https://www.facebook.com/SRRpianos

piano bar bingo

Dueling Pianos NYC Shows are back!!!

Beginning this Thursday, Shake Rattle & Roll Dueling Pianos NYC shows are coming back! We will be doing HAPPY HOUR shows every Thursday in June, 430-730pm at the Bel Aire Diner in Astoria NY.

These will be drive-in shows, so cars are needed! And space is VERY limited (only 40-50 cars)

You can see the full calendar at https://www.belairediner.nyc where you can also purchase select tickets to our shows (VERY LIMITED car space!)

And remember, our full calendar is at https://www.shakerattlerollpianos.com/tour-dates/

Hopefully, this will be just the beginning and more Dueling Pianos NYC shows can start up again soon. We’ve been looking forward to playing for you all again, and now it looks like we can start!

Dueling Pianos NYC – now online!

As spring turns to summer, our Dueling Pianos NYC shows continue to run online.

Every Wednesday night at 7, you can play Piano Bingo, and win up to $100 cash!

Every Friday at 6, you can play Name That Tune, with a different theme each week. Previous editions have featured 80s, 90s, one-hit wonders, movie songs, and sexy songs. Upcoming shows have 70s, New York songs, 2000’s, cover songs, and epic songs…

Every Saturday night at 8, we take our Dueling Pianos NYC show onto Facebook for our long-running all-request, interactive party. Still two piano players, still unscripted, still some of the best talent on the East Coast.

Tickets to any of these events can be found at https://www.ShakeRattleRollPianos.com/
Tune in, ROCK out, have fun!

Piano bars ONLINE

Hey everyone!
We all miss the local piano bars, so we’ve started doing some fun solo shows on a hot new Facebook page called Quarantine Karaoke – which now has over 700K members!

We have started doing virtual piano bar shows there, with a QUICKIES show – playing every request people can type in, as fast as we can. The most recent show had over 10,000 views, and over 400 songs in a HOUR!
We’ll be back tonight at 9pm EDT, and will try to do 3pm shows daily.

You can find them at http://facebook.com/groups/OfficialQuarantineKaraoke

And don’t forget OUR weekly shows – Wed. 7pm EDT PIANO BINGO and Sat. 8pm EDT DUELING PIANOS, with tickets avail at https://www.shakerattlerollpianos.com/tour-dates/
Bringing the piano bars home to you!

piano bar online show at Quarantine Karaoke facebook
Caught mid-song of one of the 300+ requests we got!

Dueling Pianos playlist – Summer 2020 Kickoff!

Yes, we know it doesn’t feel like it. But the weather is warming, and we’re slowly returning to the outdoors.
Let’s fire up the BBQ, and get some SUMMER Dueling Pianos songs for your requesting this weekend!

Yup – this is a softball. The piano bar favorite – SUMMER OF 69!


We’re keeping it 80s. Because there’s NEVER ENOUGH 80s at the Dueling Pianos show. And because nothing is more summer than baseball.
So, we give you – BOYS OF SUMMER.

You wouldn’t begrudge us ONE show tune, right? Especially if the show is GREASE…and the song is one of the most popular piano bar duets – SUMMER NIGHTS…

Summer songs? CHECK. Boy bands? CHECK. One hit wonders? CHECK. This one gets all the boxes. LFO, and SUMMER GIRLS.

And let’s keep it classy, with a dueling pianos NYC summer song – SUMMER IN THE CITY. Ahhh, the pleasure of a well placed throwback…

And don’t forget to visit our online shows – at bit.ly/SRRshows (PIANO BINGO every Wednesday 7pm, Dueling Pianos every Saturday 8pm, NAME THAT TUNE every Friday 6pm, and MUSICAL CHAIRS 5/24 at 8pm!)