Released exactly forty years ago today on May 19, 1976, the album that gave dueling piano players everywhere a new finger workout entitled ANGRY YOUNG MAN made its debut.

The musical equivalent of a Bronx cheer for the West Coast, Billy Joel’s TURNSTILES signaled a creative return to his home, with three songs dedicated to the Empire State:  Summer Highland Falls, New York State of Mind and Miami 2017.  He kicked off the record with Say Goodbye to Hollywood, and included another tune aimed at the decadence of the West Coast – I Loved These Days.

Dissatisfied with the midwest recording sessions for the project, Joel completely re-did the album tracks with his touring band back home, including seminal members (and Long Island natives) Richie Cannata on sax, Russell Javors on guitar and Liberty Devitto on drums.

The cover photo, shot in the NYC subways, has every song physically represented by one of the characters behind Joel.