This past Sunday, October 4th, Billy Joel was a special guest at the New Yorker Festival 2015.  In an onstage interview with writer Nick Paumgarten, Joel discussed the repetition of playing the same songs, night after night.  Surprisingly, he still isn’t jaded by his catalog.

“It’s not a job you get bored in: We’ll play similar material at various gigs but it’s always so different.  There’s always a different dynamic, a different ambiance in the room, the audience is different, you’re different that night.”

But what about the song that has become his namesake, his biggest success and his albatross all at the same time, the legendary PIANO MAN…

“If you would have told me at that time that a song that was almost six minutes long in three-quarter time about bummed out losers in this alkie bar in Los Angeles would be a hit, I would say, ‘Yeah sure,’” he said.

So, what song does he loathe in performance?

According to the onstage conversation, he now feels that CAPTAIN JACK is a depressing, dreary song.

I guess not every song is music to its writer’s ears…