Happy Birthday to You! (and it’s free!)


A landmark decision by the U.S. District Court now releases one of the most played songs in modern history – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – into the public domain, and costing the previous copyright holder, Warner/Chappell Music a possible pay day of $2 Million Dollars per year.

The song was originally written by Mildred & Patty Hill, sisters, sometime prior to 1893.  Through various changes of hands, the copyright made its way to Warner, one of the largest music publishers in the industry.

Film makers who were, ironically, making a documentary about the Happy Birthday song, wound up being the plaintiffs in an action filed to avoid the license payment of $1,500 to Warner for the use of the song in their film.

The judge ruled that, since the copyright holders never acquired rights to the lyrics of the song, but rather just the music, the current copyright to the song is not valid.

So, go ahead.  Throw an epic birthday bash on the cheap.  Light the candles.  And sing your heart out.  Right until the party’s over.  That song you still have to pay for.

NYC Dueling Pianos shows


While Dueling Pianos shows have been a national passion for almost a century, the Northeast USA has only caught on to the craze relatively recently.  With few notable exceptions (Jake Ivory’s in Boston and others) this region starting seeing Dueling Piano bars only about ten years ago.

There were some attempts in the Times Square area to create Dueling Pianos shows in the mid 2000’s, where street teams were used to lure tourists inside after their night at a Broadway show, much in the same way that comedy clubs operate, but there was no real marketing or organization, and the employees at these venues were often grossly underpaid and horribly mistreated, and so these spaces flickered out.

More recently, franchise chains have made in-roads into the major Northeast markets (Boston, Philadelphia, etc.) by creating warehouse-style shows that more resemble a party band performance than a traditional dueling pianos show.  This new style of venue squeezes hundreds of people into a hall, with most customers standing throughout the night due to limited space.  They actively discourage requests, and limit customer interaction with the performers.  Service is typically slower due to the volume of customers, and the individual attention to special celebrations often gets condensed into one group song for all the bachelorettes/birthdays at the show.

The only venue for NYC Dueling Pianos shows where EVERY customer gets a seat at a table, and EVERY request gets played EVERY night is still, and will always be, SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL.  Nestled in the heart of Tribeca, across the street from City Hall, and away from the tourist onslaught of Times Square, you can dine on a menu prepared by Beat Bobby Flay winner Kenneth Johnson, select from the wine list, or order a specialty cocktail, or drink one of the selection of domestic and imported beers.

A hit with bachelorettes and birthdays alike, you can find a healthy mix of locals and tourists, young and old, first-daters and forty-year anniversaries.  Every show is a celebration and YOU pick the soundtrack.

Check out the newly added table discounts, and come visit us, or visit us again!

We’re playing your song!



Dueling Pianos schedule – Sept. 10-12

We’re all over the place this weekend – come join us!


Thurs. 6pm – Frames NYC

Marisa's Ristorante

Marisa’s Ristorante, Trumbull CT

Fri. 8pm – Marisa’s, Trumbull CT


9pm – Blarney’s Twisted Irish Pub, Mechanicsburg PA

Wolf's 1-11

9pm – Wolf’s 111, Albany NY

aroogas hershey

930pm – Arooga’s, Hershey PA


Saturday 9pm – Blarney’s Twisted Irish Pub, Mechanicsburg PA


930pm – 21 South Bar & Grill, Jackson NJ

aroogas camp hill

930pm – Arooga’s, Camp Hill PA



Dueling Pianos Weekly Schedule, 9/1-6

We’re kicking off Labor Day Week with LOTS of dueling pianos shows!


Tues. 6pm – Frames NYC

Thurs. 6pm – Frames NYC

aroogas hershey

830pm – Arooga’s, Hershey PA

Club Getaway

Friday 630pm – Club Getaway, Kent CT


9pm – Blarney’s Twisted Irish Pub, Mechanicsburg PA

Saturday 9pm – Blarney’s Twisted Irish Pub, Mechanicsburg PA



Boathouse Grille

Sunday 830 – Boathouse Grille, New Baltimore NY