You’re Not Getting Dumber…Your Music Is.


A recent study posted on learned that song titles are getting MUCH shorter as time goes on, and the prevalence of one-word song titles is more rampant now than at any time in pop history.

A look at the recent top 100 gleans titles like “Hello”, “Sorry”, and “Work”, just to name a few.

The article posits a few conclusions from the research –

  • In a more competitive marketplace, a shorter title is likely to be more memorable
  • Branding has become such a critical part of the music marketplace, that shorter titles (and hooks) are necessary
  • With singles replacing albums as the prime sell-able commodity, every factor must be considered to increase the chances of a song’s success

So, basically, the days of the “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” are behind us.  Now, she would just be “Elderly”.

RIP George Martin, Producer & Arranger for The Beatles


The visionary who signed The Beatles, George Martin, passed away last night.

Known for introducing lavish arrangements into the pop and rock sound of Fab Four, he produced virtually all of their records.

With a stellar 23 #1 records, his list of famous orchestrations includes Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, and A Day in the Life.

His career was not exclusive to the Beatles though – his final hit was the remake of Elton John’s Candle in the Wind, as a tribute to Princess Diana.

Are You Reading Our Blog?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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While No One Was Watching, Public Drinking Became OK in NYC…


The Manhattan District Attorney just announced, with no fanfare at all, that the NYPD will no longer make arrests for public consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Translation – while you may get a warning, you will no longer receive a summons or fine for public drinking.  The exception though, will be for those who pose a threat to themselves or others (looking at you, Tara Reid…)

So, if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the new, liberal policies on booziness in the big city, grab yourself a pitcher or two and come celebrate next Friday, March 11, at our next Dueling Pianos show at The Bling Pig.

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