Let’s Do The Time Warp…Again! Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast Reunites for 40th Anniversary!


On yesterday morning’s TODAY show, on NBC, some of the original cast members of the 1975 (!) movie reunited to chat about the making of this iconic midnight movie.

Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, rockstar Meatloaf, Patricia Quinn, and Dr. Frank-N-Furter himself – Tim Curry, all gathered to reminisce about the film that would become the longest running theatrical release in history.  Not bad for a project that began as a small cult musical.

The filming was arduous – Sarandon caught pneumonia during production.  They shot in a house that had no roof, during cold, leaky winter months.

And how did Curry arrive at the now-famous ‘sweet transvestite’ characterization of the Doctor?  Originally, the accent was going to be German, but when he overheard a British woman speaking on the bus, he decided to fashion the character after the Queen of England.

And why are so many people still Time-Warping, forty years later?

“The thing that resonated for me more than anything was, ‘Don’t dream it, be it,’ which was a really good idea,” Curry said. “Really good slogan.”

Added Sarandon, “I’ve had so many people come up to me and say that film helped them through a dark time.”

Billy Joel Hates Playing This Song…And It’s NOT Piano Man…


This past Sunday, October 4th, Billy Joel was a special guest at the New Yorker Festival 2015.  In an onstage interview with writer Nick Paumgarten, Joel discussed the repetition of playing the same songs, night after night.  Surprisingly, he still isn’t jaded by his catalog.

“It’s not a job you get bored in: We’ll play similar material at various gigs but it’s always so different.  There’s always a different dynamic, a different ambiance in the room, the audience is different, you’re different that night.”

But what about the song that has become his namesake, his biggest success and his albatross all at the same time, the legendary PIANO MAN…

“If you would have told me at that time that a song that was almost six minutes long in three-quarter time about bummed out losers in this alkie bar in Los Angeles would be a hit, I would say, ‘Yeah sure,’” he said.

So, what song does he loathe in performance?

According to the onstage conversation, he now feels that CAPTAIN JACK is a depressing, dreary song.

I guess not every song is music to its writer’s ears…

Every Song You Love Was Written By The Same Two Guys…


A great article in today’s NY Post, breaks down the recent history and trends of modern songwriting.  It also removes all the fantasy and mystery behind what today’s listeners may THINK is the romantic process of artists communicating their own deepest feelings through a song you hear on the radio (or these days, Spotify…).

A review of John Seabrook’s new book, THE SONG MACHINE, it begins with the story of what happened in 2009 when record execs came up with a way to rehabilitate Rihanna’s image after the Chris Brown debacle.

Give it a read, if you dare.

The Apocalypse is Nigh…

And no, we don’t mean the fast-approaching Hurricane Joaquin, now possibly making it’s way towards the East Coast.

We mean that *other* hurricane.  Hurricane Honey-Boo-Boo.


Yup.  That’s a ten year old, in full make up.

Apparently in this age of selfies, snapchats and other instant look-at-me-look-at-me gratification, Honey Boo Boo can now release her own “song”.  And we use those quotes liberally.

Her new track, “Movin’ Up”, not to be confused with the awesome 70s Jeffersons theme song, is two minutes of your life that you won’t ever get back.  And she’s brought along the entire Honey Boo Boo circus for back-up.

So why are we spending precious blog inches on this ear felony?

One reason only.  As inevitable as the coming tides, (lookin’ at you, Joaquin…) some lugnut will walk into our dueling show sometime and ask for this song, a song that makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” sound like Hey Jude.

And that means that we Dueling Piano players have to give up precious RAM space to learn this composition.  Say goodbye to that favorite childhood memory.  Or that recipe you always wanted to remember.  Or high school trig.  Make room for “Movin Up”.